Stabsstelle DV-Sicherheit der
Universität Stuttgart (RUS-CERT)

Contact Information


RUS-CERT is the Computer Emergency Response Team of Stuttgart University.

Despite its name containing the letters “RUS”, which is the abbreviation for “Rechenzentrum Universität Stuttgart” (Computing Center of Stuttgart University) it is not part of the computing center but a department of the university’s administrative body.

The name origins of its roots, it started 1998 as a department of RUS and was transformed into an entity directly reporting to the administrative head of Stuttgart University in 2001. Since by then the name “RUS-CERT” already was well-known in the community, it was decided to keep it.

If you are looking for the Russian CERT you might want to go to RU-CERT .


RUS-CERT is the default IT security contact for the following IP address ranges:

Systems using an IP address in these ranges as well as all users of such are part of RUS-CERT’s constituency.

RUS-CERT’s Postal Address

Universität Stuttgart
Breitscheidstraße 2
D-70174 Stuttgart

Fax: 0711/685-8-3688
Telephone: 0711/685-1-CERT (2378)


Map showing RUS-CERT’s situation in Stuttgart and information on how to get there.

Special Mailboxes

Please send mail to just one of the mailboxes. Messages sent to multiple mailboxes will be handled with reduced priority.

Please avoid using HTML in email. HTML is not designed to be used in email messages and can introduce security risks. It is also widely used in spam hence messages containing HTML often are classified as spam and segregated. Therefore, RUS-CERT does not support HTML messages.

Each message sent to one of RUS-CERT’s mailboxes will receive a case number in the following form: [RUS-CERT#nnnnnn].
Please include this number (including the brackets) in the subject of all further messages concerning the same issue.

If you’re not sure which address you should use, write to

BelWue – AS553

Belwue is the State of Baden-Württemberg’s scientific network provider, connecting the state Universities, colleges and other educational institutions with each other and the internet. Its network address ranges are summarised in the autonomous system (AS) 553. Although BelWue is administratively attached to Stuttgart University, AS553 does not belong to RUS-CERT’s constituency except the ranges listed above.

Inquiries and notifications concerning IP addresses in AS553 which are not in RUS-CERT’s constituency thus shall be sent to:

Universität Stuttgart
Industriestr. 28
70565 Stuttgart

RUS-CERT’s Staff

You can use our OpenPGP-Keys for encrypted communication with individual RUS staff members.

Please use the role e-mailboxes as explained above by default. Personal e-mail addresses should be used in special cases only.

Name Telephone E-Mail Specialty
Oliver Göbel 685-8-3678 Chief Information Security Officer (CISO)
Peter Ulber 685-8-3637 Dep. Chief Information Security Officer
Manuel Schneider 685-8-3640 Information Security Operations
Vanessa Weidler 685-8-3683 Information Security Operations
Simon Geyer 685-8-3676 administration

Former Staff:

RUS-CERT is Member of the following Associations